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Orifice Flange

Designed for flow metering systems. Two of these flanges with bolts and jack screws are called an "orifice flange union" and are used in conjunction with an "orifice plate." The orifice plate is a separate commodity and is not sold as a part of the flange assembly. Each flange is provided with a pair of pressure taps for measurement of pressure drop in the flow through the orifice plate. The taps are precisely located with respect to the orifice plate. Orifice flanges may be provided in one of three types of flanges: Welding Neck, Slip-On and Threaded.


Standards: ASME B16.36.


Pressure classes range: 300LBS.


Sizes range: From 1/2" to 84".


Materials: ASTMA 350 LF2.


Printing: Carbon steel and alloy steel with yellow print, black print, oil or zinc.


Packing: Plywooden case.


* We can also manufacture special application flanges and forgings that customers require.


Orifice/Reducing Flange Dimensions
ANSI B16.5

Class 150 lbs
Class 300 lbs
Class 600 lbs
Class 900 lbs
Class 1500 lbs
Class 2500 lbs